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3Win8 – Another SCR888 and 918KISS in the Making?


Why Do People Bet Online Slot Games?

I’m just assuming that you’re a rookie to online slot games in Malaysia. This is simply a hypothesis. And, you have not heard about 3Win8before. Now, you must be curious why people love to bet online slot games. It’s very simple. They would like to win big with small bets. In online slot games, you are allowed to bet as low as RM0.01, or even lower in some of the mini slot games. You return could be multiplied by thousands times of your bet amount. Some people might get rich overnight from playing slot games. Could you be the next big winner? Probably, if you sort out the tactics.

In Malaysia, online slot games have been the major trend. It is just as hot as Pokemon Go. One or two years before, people were so much into live casino games. But it’s gone. People lose faith in live casino games nowadays. Some of the manufacturers, especially Chinese manufacturers, can even produce cheating live casino tables to deceive players. Live casino games are not as fair as they were before. I would rather play online slot games than live casino games. The payout of slot games is purely calculated based on betting turnover. The more you bet, the higher chances that you can win big. Slot games with lower winning payout would attract no one to play. Today, SCR888 is the most popular slot game product in Malaysia. It is famous simply because it has a high winning payout.

How Successful is SCR888?

Yes, SCR888 is very very successful. At least it’s doing better than any online betting products in Malaysia nowadays. On average, 8 out of 10 casino players in Malaysia would have had experience of playing SCR888 games before. This trend is ongoing. We can see the number of players is still growing rapidly. Nearly all of the online betting sites do offer SCR888 in their product list. SCR888 has broken through its bottleneck – being the market leader in the local online casino industry. Like I mentioned above, it’s just like the Pokemon Go in the local online slot game market. Everyone is playing it crazily. If you were to ask me, I wouldn’t say SCR888 is that special. It’s just easier to win from its slot games. And everyone loves to win.

In 2018, the SCR888 Casino is completely renovated with the company to another one. It is now called the 918KISS Casino. Although it changed, however, all of their casino games are remaining the same, even the 918KISS is increasing on the list.

3Win8 Slot Games are Getting Hotter

I’ve been paying much attention to the Google Trend about online casino products in Malaysia. 3Win8 is one of them that is under my close radar. We can see that search volume for 3Win8 has been growing over time. It’s a healthy trend. I think this is signaling that 3Win8 will soon be in the limelight. First of all, let us understand more about 3Win8. It has not many differences from SCR888. Nonetheless, it offers much more slot games that what you are able to find in SCR888. 3Win8 is just like a centralized platform that gathers around most of the popular slot games in the market. Traditionally, you would need to register a few game ID in order to play all your favorite slot games. But now, you can play it all on one single platform – 3Win8.

As an experience online casino agent, I’ve observed that more agents are promoting 3Win8 nowadays. One of the reasons could be due to its satisfactory terms and conditions that are offered to the agents. You gotta understand that high position taking is one of the keys to promoting a new product. With higher profit margin, casino agents would be more aggressive in marketing the product. More and more players begin to know about 3Win8. The fact is, not everyone can always win from SCR888 or any other casino products in the market. At the end of the day, the banker will always have higher odds of winning overall players. Therefore, some of the players have started to make a switch to 3Win8, from primarily SCR888 and SKY3888. All their games are quite similar to certain extents.

Would 3Win8 be the Next SCR888?

My answer is absolute yes. This has to come from several perspectives. Firstly, it offers more slot games than SCR888. People always prefer products with a wider variety. This is because they would never get bored. In terms of graphic design, 3Win8 is doing slightly better than SCR888. It can’t be too outstanding, else people would not get used to it. I personally do enjoy the game interface in 3Win8. The next question is, how well can 3Win8 build up its distribution channel? As mentioned above, it has been doing quite well in recruiting new agents due to its attractive offer in positing taking. Agents are more than willing to promote its games. Very likely 3Win8 will soon be able to extend its market coverage. Another key to success is the winning payout. We believe this is not an issue for 3Win8, especially when winning payout is always at the discretion of 3Win8 company. They would definitely increase its winning payout, if they really want to win big in this war.

How Does 3Win8 Benefit Slot Game Players?

Lastly, the most important question is: how could we benefit from it as casino player? In fact, it’s the time for you to win big from 3Win8 slot games. It doesn’t require any skill set or knowledge, just gotta play 3Win8 slot games as much as you can. As I said, 3Win8 is very likely to increase its winning payout to attract more new players. All you need to do is just to increase betting turnover in order to win big or even strike the cash jackpots. One of the ways to achieve this is to get free slot game bonus from some of the online betting sites. Therefore, you would be able to increase your wagers and bet more. Nevertheless, you need to bear in mind that there must be certain terms and conditions attached to the free slot game bonuses. It could be either turnover requirements or account balance requirements. As such, it’s very important for you to first understand what are the hidden rules behind the free bonuses. I hope everyone can win big from casino games. And I’m just sharing some of my thoughts here to guide you through the way. Cheers 🙂


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