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When we talk about 918Kiss APK, some of you might be wondering about the abbreviation “APK”. About its full name and its meaning. This APK thing is so common nowadays and can be seen almost everywhere. Particularly when the article is talking about mobile phone app. What is APK anyway?

To be precise, APK is “Android Package”. Android Package (APK) is kind of package file format specifically used by the Android operating system upon apps installation. In fact, APK is just similar to those software packages used by Microsoft Windows. It is kind of archive file as well, just like zip or RAR format packages. Once the APK file is underachieved in a mobile phone, mobile app/software will be installed on the mobile phone. One may install APK format file in pc as well, by having the communication program “adb” is installed.


Back to the decades, some of you might still remember about the slot game machines in casinos. When the computer era has arrived, everything has been computerized. This includes the transformation of casino game into the computer program. You have no longer need to touch the slot machine in order to play slot game. Even playing card game without touching poker is possible. What you need to do is just click, drag and click. All of the arm moving actions have been simplified into wrist moving actions.When the time moves on, the mobile phone is beginning to substitute many of the daily life gadgets. So do online casino games. 918Kiss APK has largely substitute many of the online casino platforms. This is because it is able to perform the action and features better than the others.

You only need to slide your finger on the smartphone screen, or just tap on it to play 918Kiss. 918Kiss app is able to perform the same function as 918Kiss online. 918Kiss app’s graphics and sound effect are as good as the original one The only difference is you will be able to enjoy the game with more personal space or personal preferences. In toilet, kitchen, bus station, you name it! Though technology has brought us many conveniences, personal safety still need to be taken care. Do not put yourself or the people around you in danger. Also, please be aware of your behavior in the game or outside the game. Please complete the life matter job then only consider about leisure.

In short, technology has brought impact to the casino, too. From real-life casino to online casino and now online casino app. Such change is bringing us benefit as we are now able to enjoy 918Kiss with our mobile phone.


When you read some online articles, you might learn that some are claiming the game Dragon Tiger. This game is not so popular since the game has no fancy graphic or fabulous sound effect. Some more it is in mandarin language which might kill you with bored. The game is pretty monotonous, too, just guess, flip and win/lose.

For your information, the game Dragon Tiger is a hidden jewel which will bring you a fortune. Many of the casino dealers would not allow such game to appear in their casino. This is due to it is very easy to own and win if only you know the step. Since it is a very simple game, so it is very easy for you to understand as well. The next section we will show you how to own Dragon Tiger at ease.


Dragon Tiger is being formed by 3 guessing – Dragon, Tigers, and Tie. Every correct guessing will bring you money. To win in Dragon Tiger, you must place the big bet. For example, if you place RM100, you may get a high return and of course, high risk. If you are not familiar with Dragon Tiger, you can always play with low bet first.

If you wish to win Dragon Tiger, you must follow these steps strictly. Try it with the low bet to see how it goes.

Firstly, in your very first bet, you must put RM10 on the tiger. If you have lost for 3 to 4 rounds straight, then you must increase your bet on the 4th and 5th bet. The first few bets are for trial and see the trend of game. When you have caught the glimpse, now you are ready for the bigger bet. For example, when it has been the tiger for a few rounds, then the chance for getting dragon is higher on the next few rounds. So it would be wise if you put the high bet on the dragon.

Next, if you have won in the bet straight for a few rounds, you should place your bet at the tiger. Probably 3 rounds straight. If you dare, you may put RM1000 on the tiger.

According to the information online, you may win RM2000 or more by just playing like this. This amount is more than any jackpot game in 918Kiss. Provided you can’t really predict the outcome of the jackpot. However, bear in mind that this tutorial is for reference only and the situation in the app might be different. You should adopt this method accordingly and do not follow it blindly.

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