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918kiss Download | All that Hype about 918Kiss

Sensational hot news of the wonders of 918Kiss is spreading like wildfire worldwide.  The hype created about 918Kiss is generating excitement among people more than ever. The fact that 918Kiss has become mobile devices (Android and IOS) friendly makes it easier for everyone to have a go at it. No necessity to travel to a location where there are Casinos to bet. Everything is now at your fingertips.

All you have to do is to install the 918Kiss download file that is suitable for your mobile device and start enjoying the one hundred over games provided. The only thing to do is to register and become a member first. After that, the doors will open like a floodgate to exciting games and there will never be boredom in your life.

Things to take note before installing the 918Kiss download

  • Definitely, you need a Mobile device.
  • It can be an Android phone, Tablet,  iPhone or Ipad. Ensure that the mobile device is downloaded with all the latest updates that the operating system needs. If this is not done, while installation there might be disruptions and installation might be unsuccessful.
  • Make sure that you have sufficient RAM (Random Access Memory).
  • If insufficient memory, then upgrades your memory or free some space on your mobile device by deleting unwanted games as the ultimate 918Kiss is going to take over your gaming pleasure. The more RAM you have,  the better.
  • Good and stable Internet connection.
  • Make sure your internet connection is from a reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider) in your country. Stability is essential as you do not want to lose out on your winnings due to loss of internet connections.

Where can I find the 918Kiss Download?

There are certain websites that offer you the 918Kiss download. Upon reaching these websites there will be clear step by step instructions on how to download the application. It offers you two selections, one for Android devices and the other for IOS devices.

The 918Kiss Download: Two file formats are given

Currently, everyone owns a mobile device on hand for their daily usage. Be it an Android phone, Tablet, iPhone or Ipad.  So bearing this in mind they have released two file formats for everyone’s gaming pleasure. They are 918Kiss APK and the other is 918Kiss IOS.

918Kiss APK

918Kiss APK is the file download that you need for installation on your Android mobile devices like smartphones and Tablets. It is suitable for all Android models like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Asus and so on.

918Kiss IOS

918Kiss IOS is the installation file needed for Apple mobile devices like iPhones and Ipads. During installation for iPhone, the installer actually offers you selected for the different versions of iPhone like iPhone 5, 5+, 6 and so on.  The only catch is that Apple is very conscious of safety and installation of untrusted applications on their devices. Thus after installation, you would need to make some changes in the phone settings.

918Kiss APK Vs 918Kiss IOS, Which Is Better?

Actually, both installers are good as it caters for the two different operating systems. Many users worldwide are claiming that 918Kiss IOS is better due to the features Apple comes with. Anyway, you have to be the judge of this as it all depends on the mobile devices you own.

Guideline on 918Kiss Download

Prepare an Android or Apple mobile device. Go to the mobile’s browser. Type in the URL ( can be searched online) and hit enter. Select the “Android” or “IOS”  buttons on the screen which are the two file formats. Downloading starts and will guide you throughout the entire process. For Android devices, after the downloading is complete, you need to run the 918Kiss application on the device. Once the installation is completed you have the games to play at your fingertips. For Apple devices due to its high-security safety, after the application has been installed you need to go to the phone’s “Settings” and change the  following :

  • Open the General tab.
  • Select the Device Management option.
  • Look for 918Kiss Casino and select it.
  • Look for the “Trust” button and select it. This completes the installation.

Does  918Kiss Download Run On A PC?

I am sure everyone has a PC at home and are curious to know if 918Kiss can be downloaded and played just as in the mobile devices. Well, the answer is YES. The only thing to take note is that 918Kiss Download has been streamlined for mobile devices. So you will have to download a special application on your PC called “BlueStacks” which can install Android Applications. Once the installation is complete you will be able to play all the games on your PC now. But do remember to activate your screen saver auto lock so that other people do not gain access to your system while you are away.

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