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How Autoplay Feature Help you to Win Online Slot Game?


Every online casino players would have their own set of strategy when it comes to playing online casino games. Thanks to the convenient of online casino game, everyone can now enjoy the games in the privacy of their home or anywhere while on the go. Nobody would be around to add pressure to your game while you are betting online.

Apart from all these benefits, the online casino player would also get to enjoy some options that are not available in the brick and mortar casino. The special feature that we are talking about is the Autoplay option.

What Is Autoplay?

For all the online slot game, the Autoplay button is well positioned below the reels. It will most probably place opposite the Spin button. Whenever you click on it, another option will pop up and you would have to go through each option one by one. In order to start, you would have to choose the number of spins that you wish the game to go on automatic mode. You can choose to select from five up to a thousand spins which run one after another. On the other hand, you may even choose the game to start if you win a Jackpot or whenever a win pays out more than a set value.

However, you are still in full control while inside the Autoplay mode. You can choose to stop the Autoplay anytime as you wish. Some other useful option would include stopping the spin when your bankroll balance increase or decrease by a certain amount. Some experience players would recommend stopping the Autoplay whenever a feature is triggered.

Benefit of Budgeting

Players who are familiar with the Autoplay button would tell you that this feature is the key to budgeting aspect. It would allow you to keep track automatically rather than manually on how much you have bet, how many times you have spun, how much your balance has increased or decrease and so on.

You would have to set these parameters before you even start your game. This feature allows you to practice responsible gambling without needing to keep track or get into the flow of it. The Autoplay function is a highly recommended feature that can benefit you greatly from all aspect. However, the benefits do not stop here.

Benefit of Convenience

The main idea for the Autoplay feature is to allow you to kick back and relax while the game spin itself. You can jump back into your game anytime whenever a feature is unlocked so that you would have more control over the outcome. Everyone would love to press the Spin button whenever the ‘pick one of these option’ type of bonus game pops up. It would be much more exciting to be in control when the free bonus multiplier spins is at stake. If your main purpose of using the Autoplay feature is to make sure that you are staying within your budget, this would definitely be the most convenient way for you to do it. It is a much better option than carefully keeping track of each spin one by one in your head.

Benefit of Not Interrupting Your Flow

Many believe that superstition does work in gambling. With online slot game, the most common superstition that the players believe is to not take a break when you’re on a winning streak so that you can keep going in the same rhythm of winning momentum. However, it would be hard not to stop when you have to go to the bathroom or answer your call. This would be where the Autoplay feature come in handy. You can always choose to have it go for a great number of spins until you get back and stop for you to unlock the bonus game or the special feature. Join SCR888 casino and test out the Autoplay function today.

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