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Casino Games with the Best Winning Odds


Increase your winning odds

The popularity of casino games has increased tremendously over the last few years. With the introduction of online casinos, the number of players has skyrocketed with statistics suggesting that more than a quarter of all gambling is being done online. This can be attributed to the many benefits derived from gambling online, such as convenience, diversity and the numerous bonuses. So, are you considering playing a casino game? It would be best to first have comprehensive knowledge about casino games with regards to probability of winning. This article is meant to guide you on choosing a casino game in order to help you lose less often but win almost always.


This casino game is one of the most popular ones in the industry today. Its popularity is obviously due to the fact that Blackjack is simple and it gives you high odds of winning. Moreover, the house edge is usually less than 1%. In this game, your rival is always a casino dealer. The goal in this casino game is to acquire cards that get you near to or at 21. You then need to try not to go over 21 and at the same time try to outscore or make the dealer go over this number. If you predict that getting extra cards will grant you 21, you can request to draw extra cards; this move is known as a hit. If your hit gives you 21, you have won. You may also request a stand instead of a hit, with the hope that your current cards will outscore the dealer. Moreover, you may resolve to double your bet and get an extra card.

How To Boost Your Winning Odds:

Hit in case your number is equal to or less than 8; also hit in case you have 12 while your dealer has 2 or 3 or 7 and above.

Double down in the event that you have 9 while the dealer’s number is between 3 and 6; also double down in case you have 10 and your dealer’s number ranges from 2 to 9.

Stand in the event that your card ranges from 17 to 21.


This is another casino game which is one of the most popular games in the industry, particularly due to the fact that it was associated with the James Bond series. In this game, you will depend mostly on the chance as opposed to skill; your odds of winning are also high. Just like in Blackjack, winning is determined by a specific number in this case 9. There are three bet options – Banker, Player and Tie.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

This casino game depends on chance. Therefore, the best you can do is to follow your instincts. However, you can choose to bet on the Banker as this is the safest bet here.


Craps is a casino game which concerned with rolling of dice, where players make wagers on the results of a roll. This game can appear to be quite tricky for the beginners, especially with grasping the rules. However, it offers very attractive odds of winning. There are many types of bets here, with the most popular one being known as the bass line.

How to improve your winning odds

The pass line offers you the highest winning odds with the least effort. Therefore, you need to bet on the pass line and ignore other bet types.


On top of the fact that it has a slow pace, Roulette is very easy to comprehend. It basically involves a bar spinning a wheel and finally landing on certain number slots or colors. All that you need to do is predict the outcome. In this regard, you can predict the color or number slots that the bar will rest on. Roulette casino game also depends on chance, but your odds of winning are always high enough to earn you some cash.

Video Poker

This is a Cantrell draw casino game that is played on computerized screen slots. This game is known for being the exception to the rule that the house always wins. In this game, you are given 5 cards. You then decide which ones to keep and which ones not to keep by tapping your screen. You win after attaining a conventional poker hand like 2 pairs or straight line cards.

Give Yourself A Shot

With careful learning of these games, you will definitely be smiling all the way to the bank every time you play a casino game. You can learn from a dealer or by watching video lessons on YouTube. In case you would like to have an amazing experience playing these games online, consider trying LPE88 Online Casino. They not only offer great winning odds but also give you tips on being a better casino game player.


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