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SCR888 Versus Other Online Casinos


Online Casinos Are Growing Rapidly

The trend for online casino gaming has been growing from year to year. Online casino revenue for 2016 has been 45.86 billion dollars and it is set to grow further to be a 56.05 billion dollar industry in 2018. Given the big market share of the online casino, more and more online casino is being setup and offering competitive casino bonus to attract new casino members to place their bets on the online gaming platform. In Malaysia, one of the most well-known online casino brands is the SCR888 (918KISS). Many casino players who have come across SCR888 (918KISS) and have given great reviews on the casino platform.

With so many online casino brands around, some of the most well-known casinos include 918KISS, SCR888, 12Win, Clubsuncity, Rollex, Lucky Palace, Crown, etc. If you are new to online casino and are looking around for the best platform to place your bets, you may want to take these casinos as some of the top picks for your casino game betting.

SCR888 Online Casino

Given the great review on SCR888 (918KISS), some might wonder if the SCR888 (918KISS) is as good as it was claimed in the reviews. There are many casino review site that cover most of the gaming brands in the Malaysia online casino industry. Some of the top online casino review site include Yescasino and Any casino players should keep up to date on the news and reviews on the online casino. Changes in policy do happen from time to time, keep yourself up to date on the latest news and review will ensure that you will get the best value out of these casinos. Other than getting the best value, most importantly is that casino players avoid the online casino that has a bad reputation of doing business online.

SCR888 (918KISS) has a good reputation for having a great variety of online slot game that is able to satisfy any type of casino players. Game choice can range from movie theme slots, casino slots, classic slots, race betting slots and more. It is indeed a full package for online slot game players. However, some of the cons in SCR888 (918KISS) include not offering live slot game such as live blackjack, roulette, sic bo and baccarat. SCR888 is catered more towards the online slot game fans. According to statistic, slot game is the most played casino games in all casino. Given the huge demand for slot games, SCR888 (918KISS) has put all their effort in supplying to that demand.

12Win Online Casino

On the other hand, there is 12Win online casino that offers online slot games and live casino games. 12Win definitely has a bigger choice of casino games as compare to SCR888 (918KISS). Online casino fans that choose to place their bets with 12Win are able to enjoy live streaming of live casino games such as live blackjack, roulette, baccarat and sic bo. These live games are designed specifically for land casino players. Through the live casino game platform, casino players are able to view live dealer playing out the cards or roulette dice through live streaming. They would be able to experience the exact casino atmosphere through these live stream but all are done in the comfort of their home. Betting in the live casino games are also easy and straight forward. Those who are used to betting in the land casino would have no problem placing their bets in the live streaming casino game. Similar to the land casino, these casino games works on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Casino players need not worry that there would be a lack of casino games to play in 12Win platform.

Other than live stream casino game, casino players are also able to play online slot game in the 12Win online casino platform. Comparing to SCR888, 12Win can only be played on the Desktop and Android platform. iOS smartphone owner might need to wait awhile for the download link to be ready in order to enjoy the 12Win casino games on their smartphone. 12Win also has a big collection of online slot games that cater to wide range of online slot game players. In terms of graphics, 12Win online casino offers some of the best graphics in slot games. The slot games in 12Win are supplied by the famous casino games provider, Playtech. Given the strong reputation as the largest casino game supplier in the world, slot games provided by Playtech is high in quality and great in graphics.

Clubsuncity Online Casino

The Clubsuncity online casino is another online platform that casino players should give it a try. Even with the limited choice of casino games in Clubsuncity online casino, casino players are thrill by the type of slot games that they are able to find in Clubsuncity online casino. The casino platform offers some of the most unique and exciting slot game available in the online casino industry. Casino players that love to play arcade-style slot games would find the Clubsuncity to be one of the top choice available for slot games lover.

SCR888 online casino might be the most favored online casino platform for many casino players. However, there are also other options which are comparative to the online casino platform such as SCR888 (918KISS). In conclusion, it will all come down to what the casino player is looking for and his types of casino games preference. There are indeed many great online casinos in the market. All will have their own uniqueness in terms of casino games that is offered by them. It is also really important to choose the online casino that offers easy navigation and simple to use platform so that you can place all your focus on winning big on each bet.

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