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How to Download SCR888

Download SCR888

Quick Tutorials to Download SCR888

SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia is highly specialized in mobile slot games rather than the desktop version, bringing great convenience to any big fans of SCR888 (918KISS) to play its slot games on smartphones. Currently, SCR888 slot game application is supported on both Android and IOS smartphones, which means you can now download SCR888 games on iPhone as well! Before that, you are required to download SCR888 slot games on your mobile devices before you can start playing with its slot games.

Firstly, you need to identify which model of smartphone you are using right now, be it Android or IOS operating system. Next, just visit the official SCR888 mobile download link to install its mobile game application after you have selected which version (Android or IOS) you would like to download. There might be a bit hiccups during the installation process, but do not worry, just follow whatever is told in the download manual guide to override your phone setting. After you have successfully installed the mobile game application, just click the game icon to open SCR888 slot game file, enter you login ID and password then you can start playing the games!

Just bear in mind this is the mobile game version of SCR888 (918KISS) slot games, so do not try to install the file on your desktop as many have done that in the past. We have separate game application for the desktop version, while it is not opened to online casino players given the fact that the desktop version is only supported within LAN network that requires the interconnection of the game server and client PC. This is not recommended for the Malaysia online casino players since they would like to bet on their mobile devices anywhere anytime they want. We would strongly recommend any online casino player to play the mobile slot game version for optimized fun and gaming excitements.

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