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SCR888 Slot: Great Blue Big Win

great blue

The SCR888 Great Blue is always one of the top games available in the online casino platform. Casino players have highly ranked this slot game alongside with the likes of Gladiator slot. Both of these slot games are among the top favorite of the casino players and are developed by Playtech.

The Great Blue slot is a high variance slot game which can be highly volatile most of the time. Some players who love to take risk would prefer to bet with high variance slot as they provide the highest benefits for their bets. In simple term, the Great Blue slot has great potential to payout big for any bets.

Now that you know the advantages of high variance slot, the disadvantage of this slot is that you may be hit by a very long dry spell. This would also mean that the casino player might slump into a losing streak while playing the Great Blue.

By all means, no players would enjoy the losing streak. On the other hand, the rewards that this slot game may bring to you can be really prosperous. It is indeed a fantastic game to play while being full of excitement.

The Great Blue slot game is based on the world of nature whereby it is set in a beautiful underwater world. Being the best underwater slot developed by Playtech, it focuses exclusively on the life below the ocean waves and amazing aquatic life. However, it is available in the 918KISS Casino as well. And you can have a better experience with the 918KISS Casino while playing the Great Blue. Yet, it is similar with the SCR888 Casino.


This Great Blue slot comes with five reels and twenty-five paylines. The low-value symbols of this slot are made up of playing cards. You will very often see those cards bubble away as the reel spins. On the other hand, the high-value symbols consist of a range of underwater creatures which include the starfish, seahorse, a stripy yellow tropical fish, a turtle and also a shark.

While playing the game, you may also find special symbols such as the blue whale as the wild. On the other hand, the pearl with a pink shell will also enable you to activates the bonus game.

Bonus Features

Free Spins

If you are looking for the bonus feature within the game, the Pearl symbol is all you need. The bonus feature can be triggered by landing three or more of the pearl scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Whenever you achieve this feat, you will automatically get 8 free spins. Not only that, you will also get to pick 2 out of 5 shells on the screen. If you are lucky enough, you will be further rewarded with 33 free spins and a 15x multiplier.

Further free spins are also up for grab during this round by landing three or more of the scatter symbols. The best part about this is that this event can occur indefinitely.

Gamble Feature

Players who enjoy high-risk taking would be further surprised by the gamble feature within the game. There are lots of opportunities to further double up your winnings while you enter the gamble mode. If you would like to enter the gamble mode, you would have to select the ‘Gamble’ button at the bottom of the screen. After that, you may choose either the red or black to easily double your money. The unfortunate side of the gamble mode is that as soon as you choose incorrectly, you will lose your money and the round will come to an end.

Blue Whale Stacked Wild

In the Great Blue slot, the blue whale wild is stacked. This would mean that you may get one, two or even three wilds to appear directly on top of each other. When this happen, it can cover the entire reel and make it much easier to create a winning combination. When it involves a winning combo, you will also receive a 2x multiplier.


The Great Blue slot will always be one of the top game in SCR888 casino. With a nice and simple game layout with great graphics and animation, all casino players may get to win big with this slot game. Try it out for yourself, you may be the next lucky winner. But first, you may need to download scr888 and register a scr888 account.


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