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Hacking SCR888 Slot Game


Online gambling in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most well known country for gambling. The demand for gambling is certainly all time high within the country. As a result of this increasing demand for gambling activity, the online casino business in Malaysia is also picking up quickly. Some of the most well know online casino brand in Malaysia include 918KISS, SCR888, 12Win, Clubsuncity, Crown, Rollex and Lucky Palace. Among these online casinos, the SCR888 and 12Win would be the most famous online casino that offer the most sought after online casino games for the casino players.

As the demand for online gambling grew in Malaysia, more and more casino players are looking into ways to win big in their game of betting. Some will research on articles from the web to gain the winning edge over the online casino while some look for ways to hack the system. While there are many ways that could lead to better winning odds for the casino players, hacking on the other hand is definitely illegal. However, some casino players has reported that hacking to be the sure fire way to winning big in the online casino. These casino players even have the video as proof of their hacking result. A simple search on Youtube regarding SCR888 Hack will prompt many results which casino players can refer for their game of betting.

Slot game hacking in the early days

In the early days, many casino players has already look into hacking as a way to gain unfair advantage in their betting activity. One of the method to hack the slot machines would be to use the shaved coins or fake coins to mislead the slot machine that a payment has been made and allow the casino players to proceed with his bet. Some casino players found that if a coin is slightly shaved around its edge, the slot machine optic sensor will automatically register it as a normal coin. However, as the coin pass through the machine comparator mechanism, this section of the machine will measure the size and weight of the coin. The comparator mechanism would kick out the coin because of its different size and weight.

In most slot machines, the optic sensor would be the sole judge of the coin authenticity and would work independently from the physical comparator mechanism. The shaved coin are a good trick to manipulate the slot machine. The shaved coins would then be kick out into the return change tray because of the different in coin size. Another better trick similar to shaved coin would be the fake coin. The fake coin is the real deal in the old days as it amazingly pass through the authenticity test without any resistant. It works similarly to shaved coins but only better.

Modern slot machine hacking

In the information age, more and more machines are used to carry out daily business function. These machines will not only lower the cost of operation, it also produce a constant result which fulfill the predetermine standards of the final product. Slot machine in the casino has also evolve and they would have computer chips installed inside the machine to provide a random number generator algorithm to provide a fair betting result for all casino players. These new slot machine can be hacked using programming or chip replacement method.

Ronald Harris is one of the famous programmer which was tasked with programming the computer chips for the slot machines. The computer chips would be responsible for calculating payout and prevent any sort of tampering. While working on this project, Harris secretly insert his own code into the computer chips and these chips were used in more than 30 slot machines throughout Nevada. The secret code provide a great way for Harris to win big with these machines. It allow casino players who insert the perfect combination of coins into the slot to get automatic pay out. The way to activate the payout would be for example insert five coins, wait, two coins, wait, three coins, wait, one coin. Harris would then ask his partner in crime to insert the their coins with the exact combination into the rigged machines and collect the payout.

In computer chip replacement, a manipulated chip that would activate the jackpot payout would be installed onto the slot machine. The hacker who manage to achieve this feat is Dennis Nikrasch.  Through the connection in the black market, Nickrasch and his team manage to obtained keys to open the slot machine and install his chips. Inside the casino, Nickrasch is able to install the chips under three minutes. His partner would then play the slot machine and collect all the winnings.

SCR888 online slot game hacking

As the popularity of online slot game grew, hacking in the online platform such as the Scr888 Online Casino would be totally different. As mentioned above, a simple search on hacking online casino such as ‘Hacking SCR888’ would come out with many results that could lead to successful hacking. This is especially true for Youtube search on ‘SCR888 Hacking’ where you will see the live action of the damages being done to win big from the SCR888 online casino games. There are various softwares that seem to be able to hack the online slot game. Even with the video as proof, there are no 100% confirmation that these software actually works. Most of the people that uploaded the hacking video are actually selling the hacking software themselves.

It has been reported that some casino players actually do spend money on these softwares but none of them have reported favorable results. Casino players are usually required to install these software before placing their bets. In our opinion, most of the online hacking software are actually a scam as we have yet to come across any of it that works. More testing are needed to be done before we make further assumption.

Winning in the online slot game are actually pretty easy for some casino players who has their own strategy on placing their bets. If you would like to win big in the online casino as well, it is highly recommended that you test out your own winning strategy slowly. It is true that the correct method of hacking would bring you great payout as the reward. However, casino players should also think of the consequences of hacking. The online casino may blacklist and ban your betting account and report your gimmick to the authority. So far only real cases of successful hacking is done in the land casino but some of the hacker has also been thrown into jail. Instead, casino players should really play a fair game and collect the winning payout that you really deserve.

4 Responses to “Hacking SCR888 Slot Game

  • well all of those trick you mention was real as im one of those glory hack bak in the old days.
    but ya have to update cause their was many kind of new trick now.

    • SCR888 Online Casino
      5 years ago

      Hi Loogan, I was writing this post just to share about some of my personal experience as well as individual thoughts on how to hack SCR888 slot games. Glad to hear that you know about the tricks. Possible for you to share one or two tricks for the benefits of all? 🙂

      • hariz ikhmal
        5 years ago

        cakap malay la

        • SCR888 Online Casino
          5 years ago

          Hi Hariz Ikhmal, I’m sorry to tell you that we only use English as way of communication in this site. You may contact SCR888 Malay for more info.

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