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Some Facts About Online Slot Game in Malaysia

Online Slot Game

Let’s Talk About Online Slot Game

There are many ways to name a slot machine (the predecessor of online slot game), such as fruit machine, puggy, poker machine, or even “slot”, which is in turn a popular medium to gamble that allows players to spin the reels with the ultimate purpose to strike the winning combination. Many of the casino players love to play slot machines, simply because it allows small bets being placed with great return if you are lucky enough to strike the best reel combination. There are thousands types of slot games available in the casino industry worldwide, with different game design thus offering a different kind of gaming excitements. We aren’t going to talk about the history of how the slot machine is invented, but looking at how it has transformed into an online-based model over the years.

With increasing level of computerization around the word, it’s pretty hard for one to live without any electronic device nowadays. Yes, we are now living in a digital era. In view of the rising demand for online-based gambling solutions, the majority of the casino game developers has made a switch from traditional operating model to an online-based model since many years ago. First was the introduction of online slot games to the market. Under such model, an online casino player is allowed to play slot games on electronic devices such like computer or smartphones, without even going to a land-based casino. This is a game-changing event. Why would I say so?

Firstly, casino players do not have to travel a hundred miles away just to spend several hours playing slot machines in a land-based casino. With the availability of online slot games, players can now bet whenever wherever they want on electronic devices. Can you imagine how convenient it is? Of course, many of the big time players or millionaires even billionaires still love to take a private jet flying across continentals just to place their bets at Macau or Las Vegas. Let’s do not forget about the hard facts: the mass market represents about 80% of the world’s slot game market share. If you were a slot game provider, would you go after a traditional operating model or an online-based model?

Secondly, gambling activities might not be legal in some of the countries, for instance, Malaysia. Malaysia is a muslim country, while gambling activities are generally prohibited under the country’s law, except the sole licensed casino operator in the country – Genting Highlands. For those who are unwilling to travel such a long way, they would rather gamble at illegal gambling dens which are against the legislation system. In fact, there are actually several thousand illegal gambling dens existing in Malaysia to provide gambling services to the public. The existence of such criminal activities can be attributed to the loopholes associated with the country’s legislation system since many years ago. Nevertheless, by betting at an illegal gambling den, a player could face severe consequences if being caught by the local authority. Therefore, the introduction of online slot game has significantly reduced the possibility of being caught since players can now bet at home or office, without taking the risks to bet at an illegal gambling den.

How to Play Online Slot Games in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the online slot game industry is still at a developing stage, while it might not be as mature as other markets such as US, Europe, or even Philippines. However, it has been booming since the mid of 2015, which is mainly driven by the increasing popularity of the usage of smartphones within the country. Some of the international slot game providers are also taking a positive stance towards the Malaysian online slot game market. Large slot game developers such as Playtech, IGS, SCR888, BetSoft, and AG Gaming, have been making significant investments into the local slot game market in the recent years. Many of the local online gaming companies are white-labelling the products of these slot game providers in order to establish their very own slot game brands in Malaysia. They have realized the main key to success in the Malaysia online gambling industry is actually mobile slot games. Such example includes 12Win Casino, the most famous online betting product offering live casino games, online slot games, as well as live poker, which has been highly reputable for the past decade.

Since last year, some of the local online casino companies have started to put efforts into developing 100% purely online slot game products. For instance, SKY3888, has successfully gained a large chunk of its market share in the Malaysia online slot game industry throughout the year of 2015. As a matter of fact, part of its success is mainly due to the temporary shutdown of illegal gambling dens in the country, while SKY3888 was taking a modernized payment method to tackle the local market thus making rapid progress. With the use of a vast network of agents to sell SKY3888 top-up cards, SKY3888 has quickly overcome the common problem that each of the local online betting sites is facing all the while – lack of confidence in payment capability. With SKY3888 top-up cards, customers are basically dealing with SKY3888 agents face-to-face, therefore having a higher level of confidence compared to an anonymous online betting site.

Following SKY3888 was the official launch of SCR888 Mobile in the second half of 2016. And then, they officially launch the 918KISS in early year of 2018 again. At first, SCR888 Mobile was only able to be installed on Android mobile devices, tackling approximately half of the mobile casino gaming market in Malaysia. Nonetheless, SCR888 Malaysia then launched its IOS mobile version which allows players to play SCR888 slot games on their iPhones, creating a new trend in the Malaysian online gambling pattern. The IOS operating system has long been ignored by the local slot game developers as the development cost for IOS-supported slot games are way much pricey than Android-supported. Such business moves made by SCR888 was simply driven by the higher competition in the Malaysian online casino territory. Not only expanding its market coverage, SCR888 Malaysia has also adopted a more generous winning payout policy for the purpose of attracting more slot game players, hence creating even more intense market competition against others.

The Next Future in Online Slot Game Market

Nowadays, slot game developers are reluctant to allocate marketing budget costs to promote new slot game in Malaysia given the high rivalry in the local online casino industry. Even if there is new online betting product introduced to the market, you may realize that most of its games could be highly similar to those already existed in the market. The local slot game providers are just deploying “re-packaging” tactics, with the hope to grab a small market share with different kinds of bundled slot games. We foresee that the next big move in the market would be live casino games, whereby some of the casino game developers would probably start to introduce more interactive live casino betting products on mobile devices. One of the examples would be the virtual Dragon Tiger of SKY3888 that allows players to flip poker cards in real by swiping on smartphones. It’s anticipated that more and more creative and innovative ideas associated to live casino games would be slowly revealed in the coming years.

3 Responses to “Some Facts About Online Slot Game in Malaysia

  • dave_underwood
    5 years ago

    cant agree more, all my gang was playing online casino for quite some time now.
    hope to see major break thru on online casino market soon.

    • SCR888 Online Casino
      5 years ago

      Hi Dave, i agree with your statement to see major break through on the online casino market. I would say that the level of competition in the local online casino market is fairly intense, while most of the game providers are all offering similar products with no distinguished features. Nonetheless, I came across a quality Malaysian online casino, which is also the official SCR888 casino agent in Malaysia. Maybe you could take a look at this.

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