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SCR888 2018 | Tips To Win Progressive Jackpot In SCR888 App

SCR888 Introduction

SCR888 online has been the most sought-after online casino in Malaysia recently. It is an online casino app which can be played on Android and iOS mobile device. Besides, players can play this app on tablet and PC as well. It offers a wide selection of popular online casino games to the players. Once you have registered to become an SCR888 player for free, you can play all the games in the app. There are many more uniques features in SCR888 casino which have attracted a lot of players to play in this app, such as:

  • Various types of free credits available
  • High winning odds in most of the games
  • Free test ID account upon successful registration
  • Safe and secured online casino app
  • 100% cash out at any time

Tips To Win The Progressive Jackpot

This topic is always the favorite topic among most of the SCR888 players. The progressive jackpot allows you to win big with small amounts of the bet. Here are some of the tips which can increase your chances to win the progressive jackpot,

  • Play in the famous slot games such as Panther Moon Slot, Dolphin Reef & Cookies Pop
  • Bet at the maximum line in the slot game
  • Play The Slot Game During Midnight

SCR888 Games

If you have been playing in SCR888 for quite some time, you will know that players will never get bored of playing in SCR888. In this app, you will always get new online casino games available in it. The casino games in the app can be categorized into 3 types which are the slot game, table game, and video arcade game. All these games are operated by Random Number Generator (RNG). There is no live human dealer involved in this app. Hence, the winning odds in the game will not favor the house. All the players will have the fair chance to win the game. In fact, some of the players can win more if they know how to apply the probability strategies in the game.

Slot Game

Among the 3 types of game in SCR888 Casino, the slot game is the most popular type of game in the app. The app consists of 70% slot games. Many players like to play in the slot game mainly due to easy game-play. You do not need to spend a lot of time to master the game rules and game-play. Besides, it is the only game which allows you to win massive payout by betting a small amount of money. For your info, there are many slot games in SCR888 which have the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is the jackpot which basically can accumulate the winning amount which not won by the previous players. The winning prize will continue to increase if there are more players unable to win it.

Besides, hitting the jackpot in the slot game will also give you the big winning prize. However, the winning amount will not be as high as the progressive jackpot prize. The famous slot games available in SCR888 Online are such as Great Blue Slot, Highway Kings, Panther Moon and etc.

Table Game

In this app, you will find plenty of table games as well such as Blackjack, Sicbo, Texas Poker and etc. If you are looking for casino games which are more mentally challenging, then you should not miss the SCR888 table games. Basically, in the table game, you need to apply some betting strategy in order to increase your winning odds in the game. For those players who are new to the table games, you are advised to practice the game-play of table game in the SCR888 test-ID account first.

This is to ensure that you will not waste your own bankroll in the table game. You will finish up your bankroll pretty fast if you bet blindly on the table. However, for those veteran players who have been playing the SCR888 table games for quite some time. Majority of them agree that table game will give you better chances to win the game. You do not need to depend on luck that much if you know the right betting strategy to apply in the game.

Video Arcade Game

This is a new type of game in the app. Many young players like to play this game. The most famous video arcade game in SCR888 Casino Online is the Pikachu Game. The way to win money in this game is to complete the mission in the game.

The End

All of the casino games as mentioned above, you can find them in the 918KISS as well. The 918KISS is an online casino that includes the same casino games with the SCR888 Casino. However, you can find more casino games in the 918KISS. Whatever of the progressive jackpot in the SCR888, it includes in the 918KISS. Comes to end, the 918KISS is much better than the SCR888.

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