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SCR888, 918KISS, SCR2, and MEGA888

Getting Confused with SCR888, 918KISS, SCR2, and MEGA888

I believe many has confused about the multiple brands of SCR888 in the market, that shares exactly the same slot games. Who are those brands? Namely 918KISS, SCR2, and MEGA888. Once logged in the slot game, you will find that all of these brands are offering exactly the same mobile slot games. Nothing much different except the brand logo.

Unfortunately, players are not allowed to log in to SCR888 mobile slot games since 6th January 2018. Since then, the company itself has not made any official announcement regarding the termination of SCR888.

What comes after SCR888 is actually 918KISS. This explains the second version of SCR888 in Malaysia. It is meant to replace the old game version. In fact, 918KISS has no difference at all from the old SCR888. Even its winning rate. Players can still easily win from the slot games without hassles.

However, some of my friends told me that there is another download link other than the official ones, which is Some say it’s not advisable to download such version with the worries that it might contains viruses or malware. Well, is it simply a platform to spread computer viruses? Certainly not!

It is actually another pirated version of SCR888. Someone out of nowhere copied all the slot games of SCR888, then published in the market. The interesting part is, most players can’t really tell it’s actually not the original version! They thought they are playing with the authentic one. Professional gamblers like myself, is able to tell after 10 minutes playing the game. The key to find out is actually its winning rate.

SCR888 has been reputable for its unbeatable winning rate, that can make one rich overnight. These pirated versions tend to offer much lower winning rate for the sake of more profits. Unlike SCR888, they have no business volume to offer comparatively higher winning rate.

How about MEGA888? It’s just another SCR2 who copied the slot games of SCR888. Nonetheless, the response for these pirated versions is pretty overwhelming. Maybe it’s just because people are getting bored with the original version. They would like to try something new, while playing with slot games that they are familiar with.


Why Are There Many Versions of SCR888?

Everyone wants to make money, including both gamblers and bankers. We all know gambling will lead you to a deadend – losing all money. What you will get at the end of the day is just excitement. And GREED is the factor driving you to gamble.

You can’t imagine how much SCR888 Malaysia could make from its online slot game business. Of course, we’re talking about extraordinarily higher winning rate that it’s offering to all its players. However, its business volume is just too big, way beyond you can imagine. Hence, a small slice of profits from this kind of business would be enough to buy, say a small island.

I’m not from the inside, but what I heard is at least RM100mil for their monthly profit. Most of the listed companies in Malaysia can never make this kind of figures.

Yes, PROFITS are the reasons why so many people would like to share a pie from the local online slot game business. Especially when Malay is prohibited from gambling in a land-based casino. Most of the gambling activities are actually carried out underground.

I don’t see a reason why an illegal syndicate wouldn’t duplicate what SCR888 has achieved in the recent years. This is why you may see more and more duplicated brand coming into the local market.


How to Differentiate Between Original and Fake Version?

As aforementioned, the key is its winning rate. Nevertheless, most players wouldn’t find out. They can only realize when they lose all the money, and that would be too late to turn back.

There is an alternative how you can differentiate the original and fake version. Read up more news about the latest development of 918KISS at We will continue to post more articles regarding the latest updates of 918KISS.


Should Try Out Other Slot Game Brands As Well

Of course, SCR888 is not the only slot game brand in Malaysia. The only reason people are obsessed with it is actually winning rate. If you’re seeking for gaming excitement or anything else other than winning rate, you should really try out other slot game brands.

3Win8 is another popular mobile slot game brand in Malaysia. It offers much better game graphic than SCR888. It’s definitely one of your top choices for gaming excitement.

If you are a big fan of live casino games, you should really try playing Playtech’s products in Malaysia, such as Rollex, NewTown, LPE88, LeoCity88, and so on. Playtech is considered the leading player in table casino games not only in Malaysia, but also globally.

Lastly, I hope you may enjoy all the games. Stay tuned for next episode!

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