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SCR888 App 2018 | SCR888 Slot Game Download For Free

SCR888 App 2018

With the rapid growth of smart-phone technology nowadays, many online casinos have been developed into mobile apps in order for the players to play the online casino games on their mobile devices. SCR888 casino online is one of them. SCR888 app is an online casino app which is well-known for various types of slot games. In this app, you will be able to find popular slot games such as Cookies Pop Slot, Highway Kings Slot, Dolphin Reef Slot and etc. Besides, you can also find plenty of table games and video arcade games in the app such as Sicbo, Texas Poker, Pokemon Game and etc.

In addition, the Company had successful to migrate the SCR888 to the 918KISS casino. During the migration, the entire application move to the all-new 918KISS app. Except for the logo and the background of the casino app. However, it is getting more attractive with the 918KISS casino after the migration. Enjoy the best of the best online casino in the market.

The Advantages Of SCR888 Online Casino

There are several reasons that players like to play in the SCR888 app. These are also the factors that SCR888 online casino can grow so fast in Malaysia.

Welcome Bonus For All New Players

When you join the SCR888 online casino as a new player. You will automatically get a certain amount of welcome bonus. You can apply the welcome bonus in any SCR888 games. This feature is beneficial to the new players as they do not use their own money to play in the casino games at the initial stage. Some lucky new players even get to win money immediately in the game by using the welcome bonus. While some players will save up the welcome bonus in their accounts and place a big bet on the game. However, please take note that you need to pay a small amount of fix deposit in order to claim the welcome bonus.

Free Play Account For All Players

Aside from getting the welcome bonus, all SCR888 players will also get a free play account, also known as the test ID account. This account allows you to play all the SCR888 casino games without putting your own money in this account. All the credits in the account are free and virtual credits. Whereby there will be no real money in this account. It is a good platform for those who wish to practice in the game or test out different betting strategies in the games. Once you have finished up all the credits in the test ID account. You can contact SCR888 agent to top up the credits in the account for free.

Safe & Secure Online Gambling Environment

The security of an online gambling environment is always a major concern for most of the online casino players. It is very risky to play in the online casino app which can be easily hacked by hackers and there is no insurance for the players in these cases. However, this is not an issue at all if you play int the SCR888 app. Ever since the launch of the SCR888 app in the market. There is no app hacking cases happen before in this app. This is simply because of the company has spent a lot of effort and investment on the app safety and security system. Hence the system is at the top-notch level in the online casino industry.

Various Types Of Free Credits

Other than the welcome bonus, there are also many other types of free credits available in the SCR888 app. These free credits are such as the festive season free credits, referral program free credits, high roller bonus, VIP free credits and etc. Some of the free credits are limited time offer while some can be claimed at any time. These free credits are very useful for all the players. Many players will accumulate these free credits in their account and use them to bet big in those high risk and high return games. In fact, plenty of SCR888 players have made a fortune in the app by just playing with the free credits in their accounts.

High Winning Odds In The Casino Games

This is the biggest attraction point for most of the players. This simply means that you winning odds in the SCR888 games will be higher compared to other online casino games. All the games in the SCR888 app are operated by Random Number Generator (RNG). Hence you will get a fair chance to win the game.


Despite there are so many attractions in the SCR888 app, the company is still fully committed to improve the app features from time to time. So, what are you waiting for, download the app and make your fortune in it now!


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