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SCR888 Casino 2018 | Get Instant SCR888 Free Credit & Tips To Win

SCR888 Casino Introduction

Are you an online casino player who constantly looking for the most convenient online casino platform to bet in? If the answer is yes, then SCR888 Casino is definitely your best choice. It is a well established online casino which allows players to play it on the mobile device, tablet, and PC. The download and registration process is totally free for the SCR888 app. You just need a mobile device with a stable internet connection and sufficient space to download and play in the app. This SCR888 casino offers many attractive features to attract the players to play in the app, such as high winning odds in the games, a wide variety of casino games, numerous types of SCR888 free credit and etc.

Here to mention, in 2018, the Casino has become the 918KISS Casino. And that old Casino is replaced by the 918KISS.

Get Started With SCR888 Now

Before you can play in this online casino app, you need to download the app from the official download website first. You can find the download site at the link below. There are 2 types of download available, one for Android device download and another one for iOS device download.

Don’t worry if you do not know the steps to download the app. All the steps are included on the website. If you face any error or technical issue during the app download, you can contact the SCR888 live chat team for assistance. Furthermore, the live chat team support is available at 24/7. The next step after download will be the account registration. In this process, you will need to contact the SCR888 trusted agent or the live chat team. They will get your basic personal information in order to create a new account for you. Please do not provide fake information as it will affect your cash out process in the future.

What To Do With A New SCR888 Account

First of all, remember to log in to your new account to change your account password once you get your new account. This is to ensure the safety and security of your account. If you choose not to update your account password, you might be exposed to the risk of your account being hacked by others. SCR888 Casino will not be responsible for this issue if it happens to your account. Therefore, do not miss this step once you get your new account.

Next, before you start playing, please contact the SCR888 agent to claim your welcome bonus and test ID account. These two gifts are very useful tools to help you win money in the app. Do not waste these two gifts from the SCR888 Casino. Please take note that you need to pay a certain amount of deposit in order to get the welcome bonus.

SCR888 Welcome Bonus

This welcome bonus is a type of free credits available in SCR888. Every new player will entitle to get this welcome bonus. Many new players find this welcome bonus very useful for them. This is because they are able to use this free credits test out the games in the app first, before using their own money to play in the game. Some lucky players even get to win money in the game by just using the welcome bonus. However, please take note that this welcome bonus cannot be cashed out or transfer to other accounts.

SCR888 Test ID Account

This test ID account will be given to the new players for free. This account is basically a test account with unlimited virtual credits. There is no real money involved in this account. Players can play in any games in this account. This is a very good platform for the players to test out their betting strategies and master the game rules without affecting their own capital.

Tip To Win Instant Money From SCR888 Casino

If your objective is to win instant money from the app, there is a way for you to achieve this now. After you join as a new player in the app, use your welcome bonus to play Blackjack immediately. This method is based on my personal experience and some veteran players’ experience. Apparently, your winning odds will be quite high in the Blackjack game if you are a new SCR888 player. Always start your bet with a small amount first, then slowly increase when you are in the winning streaks. I am confident to say that your winning odds will be as high as 80% in the game. As a reminder, remember to stop playing once you have achieved your winning amount. Do not get greedy because no one will win all the time in any casino games.

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