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SCR888 Casino Online 2018 | SCR888 Download | SCR888 Apk & iOS

SCR888 Casino Online 2018 Latest Update

Lately, there is an important update for the SCR888 casino online. This update is to change the current version of SCR888 to the 2018 version of SCR888. If you have not updated the SCR888 to the latest version, you can log in to your SCR888 account now and there will be auto-update take place in the app. It might take a few minutes to complete the process. For those who have not download the app on their mobile device, you can access the link below to download the latest version of SCR888. It is available in Android and iOS version.

When you downloaded the latest SCR888 Casino Online, you would find the 918KISS Casino on the screen. It is the latest update. However, all of their casino games are remaining the same. Just the logo and theme of the application is changed. If you find it has changed, then you update to the right casino app. But if it is still the same, then you have to watch up.

For PC players, you need to download Android emulator from the internet first. Android emulators available for free on the internet are such as NoxPlayer and BlueStacks. After completing the download of Android emulator, you can use the emulator to download the SCR888 Apk version.

What is SCR888 APK?

SCR888 Apk is the SCR888 download file for all Android device. You can download this file to your Android mobile device and Android tablet. The download steps are available in the official SCR888 download site. Once you have downloaded and installed the online casino app, you can proceed to register a free account from the SCR888 live chat team or the trusted agent. You will get a BIG amount of welcome bonus and a test ID account upon successful registration. However, please take note that you need to pay a certain amount of deposit in order to claim the free credits. Besides, you are not allowed to cash out the free credits and transfer the free credits to other accounts.

Besides the welcome bonus, there are plenty types of free credits available for the players in the app. If you are an Android phone player, you will entitle to get Android free credits. This free credits will be given to the Android phone players whenever there is Android new phone launch in the market.

Play SCR888 iOS Version on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you can download the SCR888 iOS on your mobile device. The download and installation steps are pretty similar to the Android download and installation steps. However, there is one extra step for the iOS download. Once you have installed the app on your iPhone, you will need to go to your phone setting to verify the app. Some players will prefer to play the SCR888 games in iPhone due to shorter game loading time and smoother game-play. Besides, the update processing time in iPhone is also faster than the Android phone.

iPhone players will also get to claim the iOS device free credits in the app. Whenever there is new iPhone launch in the market, SCR888 will offer the free credits for all iPhone players.

How to to SCR888 PC Download?

While most of the players play SCR888 casino online on their mobile devices, some players will prefer to play the app on the PC. This is simply because playing on PC will give them bigger and clearer graphics. Besides, the internet connection for PC is also relatively more stable compared to the mobile device.

For those players who want to win more money in short time, playing in PC will also help them to achieve this objective. When playing on PC, you will be able to play few games at the same time.

SCR888 vs Genting Casino

In this section, we will compare the SCR888 casino online with the famous Genting Casino. There are a few major differences in terms of the gaming environment and gaming experience.

Firstly, SCR888 online casino app offers the convenience feature to the players compared to Genting land-based casino. You can play SCR888 at anywhere and any time as long as you have a mobile device with stable internet connection. You do not need to spend the time to travel to the casino in order to play the casino games.

Secondly, you will get various types of free credits in the SCR888 app compared to Genting casino. As we all know that Genting casino rarely offers free credits to the players, you can get the free credits easily in the SCR888 by paying a certain amount of deposit.  These free credits are very useful for the players in the game. Using the free credits to play in the game will help the players to stay longer in the game.

Lastly, you do not need to follow the strict casino rules to play in the SCR888 app. There will be no attire and food restriction when you play in the SCR888 online casino games.

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