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SCR888 Download 2018 | Download SCR888 Casino Hacked Version Now

SCR888 Download 2018 Latest Update

SCR888 Download has been the top online casino download in the recent years. Many online casino players choose to download and play in this app due to various reasons. First of all, this online casino is convenient to download and play. You can download the app from the official SCR888 website on your mobile device or from the Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app and complete the registration, you can start to play the app immediately. As long as your mobile device has a stable internet connection, you can play the app at any time and anywhere.

Besides, you will get free credits and test ID account once you have completed the registration. There are not many online casinos out there which can offer these two deals to the players. In fact, the free credits and test ID account are the useful tools to help the players to increase their winning odds in the game.

In the newest version of the Casino, it is known as the 918KISS Casino. Start from 2018, the Casino renames their name to the 918KISS. However, you still are allowing to play all of the old version casino games. In addition, the 918KISS Casino is including more newest casino games in the application as well. You may learn more about it.

The New SCR888 Hacked Version

Since there are plenty of players feedback that it is difficult to win money in SCR888, the company has launched the hack version of SCR888 for the players to download. This hacked version has replaced the current version of SCR888 in the official download website. When you access the website and download the SCR888 app, you are actually downloading the hacked version now.  Don’t worry, you do not need to pay anything for the download, it is completely free. It can support Android and iOS operating system. If you face any issues with the download, you can always contact the SCR888 live chat team for help.

Do not forget to claim the free credits and test ID account once you have completed the download and registration. You need to pay a certain amount of deposit to claim the free credits.

SCR888 Hacked Version Special Features

If you have been playing in SCR888 casino for quite some time, you will definitely get to spot a few differences in this version compared to the previous version. For those who do not realize these differences, we will list down here for your reference,

Winning Odds Favor The Players

When you start to play in the hacked version, you will get to win easily in the game. The company has changed the backend operating system in most of the games, whereby the winning odds for the players have become higher in most of the games. Whether you play in the slot game, table game or even the video arcade game, your winning odds will be high in the game. Therefore, it is very to achieve winning streaks in the SCR888 games in this hacked version.

Higher Amount Of Free Credits

Other than the welcome bonus, the amount of other types of free credits have increased significantly compared to the previous version. This is definitely a good news for all the SCR888 players. You can pay the same amount of deposit to get more free credits in this version. You can always accumulate these free credits and bet at maximum in the SCR888 games. This method will allow you to win even more in the games. However, you are still not able to cash out these free credits or transfer them to other accounts.

More Slot Games With Progressive Jackpot

The slot game is the most famous type of casino game in SCR888. It occupies 70% of the total games in SCR888. In this hacked version, you find even more new slot games with progressive jackpot available. Given that the winning odds in the games have increased in this version, you will stand a higher chance to hit the progressive jackpot in the game. Even if you do not get to hit the progressive jackpot, you will still get a high chance to win money in the slot games.

How To Win More In SCR888 Hacked Version

Since the winning odds are high in the hacked version, we advise you to place your bet on the slot games with the progressive jackpot. This will allow you to win massive money from the game with a small amount of bet. Besides, we encourage you to use the free credits to bet in the slot game because it will not impact your bankroll when you lose in the game.


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