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SCR888 Free Credit 2018 | SCR888 Hack Free Credits Tips

SCR888 Free Credit System

SCR888 Free Credit System is a well established free credit system in the online casino industry. For your information, the free credit system is a very important marketing tool for all online casino platforms to attract the casino players to play in the online casino platforms. Most of the players will always look for the online casino platform which gives them the highest amount of free credits and simple claim process. The SCR888 Free Credit system is one of the favorite choices among the players in Malaysia.  In fact, many players have utilized the free credits to win money in the SCR888 app, as well as the 918KISS Casino.

Various Types Of SCR888 Free Credits

When you become the SCR888 players, you will get to claim various types of free credits in the app. Some of the SCR888 Free Credits are limited time offer, while some are available all the time. We will share some of them in the following part of this article.

 Welcome Bonus

This is the first free credit that you will be able to claim when you join as a new SCR888 player. Upon successful registration, you can contact SCR888 trusted agent to claim this welcome bonus. You will need to pay a certain amount of deposit in order to claim this free credit. Please take note that you are not able to claim this free credits in the same account more than one time. Many new players find this welcome bonus very useful for them to test out the SCR888 games at the initial stage.

Festive Season Free Credits

This is a limited time free credits offer in the app. Normally, the festive season free credits will be available to the players during the festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, Deepavali and etc. Many players like to claim this type of SCR888 free credit due to the amount is very generous. However, these free credits only available for a short period of time. Once you missed it, you will not able to claim it anymore.

High Roller Free Credits

This type of free credits will be offered to those who actively bet big in the app. Basically, you are not able to claim this free credits in the app. It will be offered by your SCR888 agent. Once the agent spotted a potential high roller player, he will offer this free credits to the respective player. Once you get this free credits, you are not able to cash out them and not allowed to transfer them to other accounts.

Referral Bonus

This is the easiest free credits for the players to claim. Basically, you need to introduce this app to your friend in the first place. Once you friend successfully create a new account in SCR888 online, you will get the referral bonus in return. The more friends you introduce to join, the more referral bonus you will get. Some of the players have utilized this method to accumulate the free credits in their accounts. Then, they can use these free credits to bet big in the casino games to win even more in return.

Loyalty Program Free Credits

Once you have joined SCR888 for more than a year and have been actively playing in the app, you will get to claim this free credits. Your agent will contact you once you are eligible to claim this type of SCR888 free credit. The Loyalty Program Free Credits is the token of appreciation from the company to the players who have been actively playing in SCR888 Online for quite some time.

How To Hack For More SCR888 Free Credits

Many players will suggest using the hacking software online to hack the app for more free credits. However, after many rounds of testing, the result is not encouraging at all. Most of the hacking software failed to work in the app. In fact, some of the accounts have been banned permanently by the company and the credits in the accounts are being confiscated. Hence, it is not advisable to use the hacking software method to hack for more free credits. On the other way round, you can try to build a good relationship with your SCR888 agent so that you will always get notified whenever there is any new free credits offer available for the players.

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