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SCR888 Free Play 2018 | SCR888 Free Download For All Games

SCR888 Free Play Introduction

When players are deciding on which online casino to play in, the free play feature in the online casino is often the important factor. This is why the SCR888 online is famous among the online casino players. It does offer the SCR888 free play account to all the SCR888 players. The best part is, you do not need to pay anything for this free play account. In the free play account, you will get to experience all the SCR888 games for free. If you want to get the SCR888 free play account, then you should not skip the following section of this article.

How To Get SCR888 Free Play Account

SCR888 Free Play Account is also known as SCR888 test ID account. They are exactly the same thing. Before you can play in the free play account, you need to download the official app from the SCR888 website first. In the website, there are two types of download available. One is for the iOS phone download, while the other one is for the Android phone download. You can find the download and installation steps on the website as well. Before you download the app, you need to ensure that your mobile device has a stable internet connection and compatible with the app. For your info, this app only supports iPhone 4 and above. If your mobile device is iPhone 3 and below, you are not able to download this app.

Once you have completed the download, the next step will be registration. For the registration process, the SCR888 live chat team will assist you in the process. You just need to provide them some basic personal information, then they will register a new SCR888 account for you. The registration process can be very fast if there is no issue with your personal information.

The next step for you is to get the free credits and the test ID account from your SCR888 agent. For the free credits, you need to pay the deposit in order to get the free credits. While for the test ID account, it is totally free. The username and password for the Test ID account will be given by the agent.

The Purpose Of Test ID Account

According to most of the SCR888 players, SCR888 Free Play Account is a very useful feature for them.

A Safe Account To Test All The Games

For many new players, they will always start to play in the SCR888 test ID account first before play in their actual accounts. This is simply because there is no real money involved in the test ID account. All the credits in the account are virtual credits. Therefore, they can test the SCR888 games in the free play account without worrying losing their own money in the app. Playing in the free play account also help them to build up their confidence in playing the game.

An Effective Method To Increase The Winning Odds

Many experienced players will utilize this free play account to test out different betting strategies before apply them in the actual games. This is to ensure that the betting strategies work effectively for them in the game. The playing mechanics in the free play account is exactly the same in the actual account hence if your betting strategy is effective in the free play account, you can be sure that it will work in the actual account as well. Generally, the players will test out these betting strategies in the table games such as Baccarat, Blackjack and Texas Poker. The effective betting strategy will definitely increase the winning odds in the table game.

A Source Of Free Entertainment

For those who do not intend to gamble, they still can play in the free play account to enjoy the fun of SCR888 games. Besides, for those who are yet to be the SCR888 players, they can try to play in the test ID account to experience the online gaming environment and all the SCR888 games before they decide to join SCR888. Lastly, you do not need to worry about the test ID account will run out of credits. You can contact the agent to top up the credits in the test ID account at any time.

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