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SCR888 Kiosk 2018 | Earn Fast Money By Becoming SCR888 Agent

SCR888 Kiosk Popularity

The popularity of SCR888 Kiosk portal is growing rapidly in the online casino industry. It is a portal for the SCR888 casino agents to manage their tasks related to the app. Normal SCR888 players are not able to access this portal. Since there are more people becoming the SCR888 agents, SCR888 Kiosk has become a very important portal for them. In the portal, agents can manage the players’ account, monitor players’ playing records, perform credit transfer and etc. Hence, the security system in the kiosk is at top notch level, whereby it is almost impossible for the outsider to hack into this portal.

How To Become SCR888 Agent

In this section, we will share out the requirements of becoming an SCR888 agent. In fact, it is not hard at all to become the SCR888 agent.  When you access the SCR888 official website, you will not get to see the sign-up section for the SCR888 agent. This is simply because the company does not want to make the agent sign-up process become common whereby anyone can easily sign-up to become an agent. If you are really interested to become an agent, there are few ways for you to apply. Firstly, if you know any existing SCR888 agents, you can contact them to assist you to sign up as an agent. Most of the time, they are more than happy to assist you on this because they will get the referral fee if you have successfully become an SCR888 agent.

If you do not know any existing SCR888 agents, you can contact the SCR888 live chat team for assistance. They will guide you step by step to complete the sign-up process. You do not need to pay anything during the sign-up process. The SCR888 agent job is very flexible. You can work anywhere and any time as long as you have a mobile device with stable internet connection. However, you need to make sure that you are able to deliver the tasks on time such as performing credit transfer immediately when requested by the players and report fraud case to the company if you found it.

How To Earn Money By Becoming An Agent

By becoming an SCR888 agent, you will get a fixed income on monthly basis. However, the main source of income of an SCR888 agent is not from the monthly fixed income. The agent will get a lucrative commission if they are dedicated to their work. There are a few ways for the agent to earn more than the monthly fixed salary.

Recruit More New Players

When you get to recruit a new player in SCR888, you will get a certain amount of commission from the company. The more new players you get to recruit, the more commission you will get in return. There are few ways to recruit new players. The first method is always through word of mouth in your friends’ groups. This is also the easiest way to get new players and the success rate is quite high as well. Next, you may try to advertise SCR888 on social media such as Facebook and Instagram to attract more players. At the moment, Facebook is the most effective advertising channel to recruit new players. There are some agents used the traditional marketing method such as distribute flyers to the potential customers, however, the success rate is relatively low compared to social media advertising.

Recruit More SCR888 Agents

When you successfully recruit an SCR888 agent, you will get a certain amount of referral fee as well. However, the agent recruitment process is harder than the player recruitment process as the company will filter out the not qualified candidates in the first stage.

Recruit More High Roller Active Players

If your agent account has plenty of high roller players, you are guaranteed to get a lucrative commission on the monthly basis. This is simply because you will get a certain amount of commission when your players bet at a huge amount in the game. Therefore, you will get even more commission, your players actively bet at a huge amount in the game. In fact, they are some agents are actually the high roller players at the same time. Some of the lucky ones have become rich by becoming an agent and a high roller player at the same time.

Other than SCR888 Kiosk

If you are not willing to become the casino agent and get the SCR888 Kiosk. That’s another option for you, it is the 918KISS Kiosk. The 918KISS is another famous Online Casino. They are still counting as the new Online Casino, and they are getting more and more casino players to join them. You may use the opportunity to grab a 918KISS kiosk for the casino agent.

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