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SCR888 Login 2018 | Login To SCR888 Live To Get Instant Free Credits

SCR888 Login Introduction

SCR888 Login is a portal for all the SCR888 players to access to their SCR888 accounts. Whether the account is an SCR888 test ID account or real player account, the players can access it via SCR888 Login website. For all SCR888 Agents, you are not able to log in your agent account via this portal. You can only log in your agent account via SCR888 Kiosk. When you log in to your account via SCR888 Login portal, please ensure that you key in the correct password, if your key in wrongly for more than 3 times, your account will be banned for one day.

Besides that, you are allowing to use the SCR888 login account and log into the 918KISS Casino. In the same way, you can use the 918KISS login account and log into the SCR888 Casino as well. They are created with the same platform as the gamble that can use in the same way. However, all of the download and the registration, there are same between the 918KISS and SCR888 Casino.

SCR888 Download

If you do not have an SCR888 account, the first thing you need to do is to download the app first. Since the SCR888 casino is very famous in Malaysia at the moment, there are many fake SCR888 websites appear on the internet. You are not encouraged to download the SCR888 app in these websites as the fake apps might damage your mobile device. If you are not able to find the official download website, you can access the download link below.

Before you start downloading the app, please ensure that your mobile device has the stable internet connection and sufficient space for the app. There are 2 types of download available on the website, iOS device download and Android device download. The download and installation steps are available on the website. Both download and installation steps are pretty similar. There is only one extra step for iOS device download which is to verify the app in the mobile security system.

SCR888 Register & Login

After finish downloading the app, you can proceed to register an SCR888 account. For account registration, you can always contact the SCR888 live chat team or the SCR888 agent. You just need to provide basic personal information to them and they will settle the rest for you. The entire registration process is free and only takes less than 10 minutes.

Once you get your new account, remember to log in to the new account to change your password. After that, you can proceed to claim the welcome bonus and SCR888 test ID account from the agent. Please be informed that you need to pay a certain amount of deposit in order for you to claim the welcome bonus. You are not allowed to cash out the welcome bonus from your account at any time.

Other Free Credits In SCR888

Besides welcome bonus, there are other types of free credits available in the app as well. Some of these free credits are limited time offer while some of them are available all the time. Some of the free credits in SCR888 Online are:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Referral Free Credits
  • VIP Bonus
  • Loyalty Program Bonus
  • High Roller Free Credits

Secret Tips Of Using Free Credits To Win Money

The free credits are a very useful tool for the players to win money in SCR888 games. We will share out some of the tips here on how to use the free credits to help you win big in the SCR888 casino games.

Accumulate The Free Credits To Bet Maximum In Game

This method is commonly used in the slot games. For the veteran slot game players, they will always accumulate the free credits in their account first. Then they will use these free credits to bet at maximum in the slot game. The chances of hitting the jackpot will be higher in this case. Normally, the experienced players will apply this method in the slot game with the progressive jackpot in order to win the massive payout in the game.

Use The Free Credits To Practice In The Game

For the new players in SCR888, you can always use the welcome bonus to practice in the games first before you play the games with your own capital. In this way, you will get to familiarise the game-play and game rule without sacrificing your own capital.

Use The Free Credits To Test Out Betting Strategies

If you are the table game player, you can always apply this method to increase your winning odds in the game. In table games, betting strategy is extremely important, hence you are advised to have an effective betting strategy first before you start to play in the game. In this case, you can utilize the free credits to test out the betting strategy which will work the best for you before you start playing in the game.

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