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SCR888 PC Download 2018 | Win Instant Cash In SCR888 App PC Version

SCR888 PC Download Introduction

When a casino player wants to play in the online casino nowadays, the first thing he will always search for the online casino app available on the mobile device. This is because there are many online casino apps available on the mobile device. However, some players will still prefer to play the casino games on PC. In this case, SCR888 PC Download is definitely their best choice. SCR888 Casino is a popular online casino that allows players to play in iPhone, Android Phone, and PC as well. It has more than 150 casino games available in the app. There are slot games, table games and video arcade games available in the app. Slot games occupy 70% of the total games in the app. There are plenty of famous slot games available in the app such as Great Blue Slot, Panther Moon Slot, Wukong Slot and etc.

How To Download SCR888 In PC

The download process for SCR888 PC Download is pretty simple as well. There are no complicated steps at all in the process. First of all, you need to download a free Android emulator software on the internet. There is plenty of free Android emulator software available on the internet such as Nox Player, BlueStack, Remix OS and etc.  After you have downloaded the Android emulator, you can proceed to the SCR888 download website.

In the website, you need to select the Android download. Please make sure that you have switched on your emulator software in this step. The remaining download and installation steps are same as the download guide for Android device. For PC players, you will be able to claim the welcome bonus and the test ID account as well.

On the other hand, whatever of the Android application, you are allowing to install on the PC via the Android emulator tool. This is not designing for the SCR888 only. There are some of the Casinos are allowing to do so as well. For example, the 918KISS, ClubSunCity, Playboy, and others. For the installation, it is as usual as SCR888 download.

SCR888 PC vs SCR888 Mobile

In this section, we will do a few comparisons on the SCR888 PC version vs SCR888 Mobile version to help you decide better on which platform is more suitable for you to play the app.


In terms of convenience, the SCR888 mobile version will win hands down. This is simply because you can play the SCR888 mobile version at anywhere you want as long as your mobile device has a stable internet connection. It will definitely suit for those who plan to play for a short period of time due to daily busy schedule. Whereas for the PC version, it will be hard or troublesome to shift your PC around or to other places.

Gaming Experience

In terms of gaming experience, SCR888 PC version might have the better offer. In the PC version, you will definitely get to enjoy a better graphics and sound system in the app. This will enhance your gaming experience in the app. Besides, playing on PC also gives you bigger game screen which allows you to see the game-play clearly. Therefore, if you emphasize a lot of the gaming experience, then the PC version shall be your best bet.

Besides, you can play a few games at the same time in the PC version. Whereas in the mobile version, you are only able to play one game. For those who plan to win plenty of money in short time, they can play in the PC version, as it allows you to win in few games at the same time. However, please bear in mind that it will also finish up your credits pretty fast if you lose in few games at the same time.

Internet Connection

It is a fact that the PC will have a much better and stable internet connection than the mobile device. Therefore, playing SCR888 app on the PC will ensure a smooth game-play for you. If you want to ensure a smooth game-play in SCR888 games, we advise you to play the app on PC. If you intend to play the app on your mobile device, please connect to a strong and stable WIFI or the 5G WIFI.

Win Instant Cash In PC Version Now

In fact, many players get to win money consistently in the SCR888 PC Download version. There are a few winning factors in this case. Aside from the winning odds in the SCR888 games are high, players get to see the game-play clearly and the game-play is smooth all the time which have helped the players to play better in the game and increase their winning odds at the same time.

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