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SCR888 Register 2018 | SCR888 Online Register | Instant SCR888 Free Credit

SCR888 Register Introduction

Nowadays, it is very easy to register an account in the online casino platform. Players no longer need to fill any hardcopy form to register for a new account. The processing time is also extremely fast for the online casino registration. It can be done within few minutes. One of the examples in Malaysia will be SCR888 Register portal. In the SCR888 register portal, there will be a team of live chat personnel available there to assist you on the account registration. You just need to provide some personal information to them and they will help you to complete the account registration process. Normally, it will only take you less than 10 minutes to complete a new account registration.

By the way, if you have to older SCR888 Login account, you are allowing you use that account and log into the 918KISS Casino. As well as, if you are still playing with the SCR888 Casino, you can use the 918KISS account and log into that casino.

What You Will Get In A New SCR888 Account

All SCR888 Casino Games

First of all, you will get a permanent SCR888 account for free. This account will not be expired and there will be no account renewal fee required.  In this SCR888 account, you will get to access a wide variety of online casino games in the app. There are slot games, table games and video arcade games available for you to play in. Besides, the company will consistently upload new casino games in the app, therefore the players will always get to play in the latest exciting casino games in SCR888.

Welcome Bonus

Once you have successfully registered a new account in the app, you will get to claim the welcome bonus. This welcome bonus is a type of free credits for all the new players in the app. You need to contact the SCR888 trusted agent to claim this free credits. There will be a certain amount of deposit that you will need to pay in order for you to claim this free credits. Many new players will find this free credits very useful for them, as they can use the free credits to test play in the games without using their own money.

SCR888 Test ID Account

Besides the free credits, new players will also get a free test ID account from the agent. In this account, you will get to access all the SCR888 casino games. You do not need to pay anything to top up the credits in this account. You just need to contact your agent when you have finished up all the credits in the test ID account, he will then top up the credits in the account for free. There will be no real money involved in this account. Many players will utilize this account to test their betting strategies in the game before they apply the strategy in the real account. However, please take note that you are not supposed to share this test ID account with other players. One player will only get one test ID account and you are not supposed to play in other player’s test ID account.

Benefits Of SCR888 Online Casino

There are plenty of benefits to play in SCR888 games. Furthermore, these benefits cannot be found easily on other online casino platforms.

Bet At Any Amount In The Game

SCR888 app allows you to bet at any amount in all the games. If you do not have a huge budget in the casino games, you can bet as low as RM1 in the SCR888 games. The most important thing that is you get to enjoy the fun and excitement in the casino games. If you have plenty of cash to play with, you can place the big bet in the SCR888 games as it will give you the chance to win more.

Better Focus In The Game

When you play in the SCR888 app, you just need a mobile device with internet connection. Hence, you can play at home without any external distraction to interrupt your game-play. Furthermore, you can switch to other game with just a few swipes on your mobile device. It is extremely convenient and time-saving for the players.

Safe And Secured Gaming Environment

This is extremely beneficial for all the players. Basically, you do not need to worry about safety and security issue when playing in SCR888 games. All your winning payout will be paid to you via online bank transfer whereby you do not need to hold stacks of cash or chips at any time.



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