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SCR888 Slot Game Download 2018 | SCR888 Casino Free Bonus

SCR888 Slot Game Download 2018 Introduction

SCR888 Slot Game Download is the most sought-after online casino download in Malaysia. In Malaysia, many casino players love to play in the slot game.  Hence, they will always look for the online casino app which offers a wide variety of slot games. Some of the popular slot games preferred by the players are Dolphin Reef slot, Panther Moon slot, Great Blue slot and etc. In SCR888 Slot Game, you will find all these games available. The best part is that you can play all these popular slot games in the SCR888 app on your mobile device.

However, you are allowing to play in the 918KISS Casino as well. All of the casino games in the SCR888, you are allowing to find in the 918KISS Casino as well. Even though, the 918KISS Casino is including more games than the SCR888 does.

SCR888 Slot Game Download Guide

Before you can access all the SCR888 slot games, you need to download the SCR888 app on your mobile device first. As long as you have an Android phone or iPhone, you can download the online casino app at the link below. Before you start the download, you need to make sure that your phone has the stable internet connection and sufficient storage space for the app.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can proceed to register a new account. The registration link is provided above. Once you have successfully registered a new account, you can immediately start to play in all the slot games in SCR888.

SCR888 Slot Game Playing Guide

Among all the types of casino games in SCR888, the slot game is the most preferred type of casino game in the app. Players can bet at a small amount in the slot game and get the chance to win massive payout in return. Besides, the game-play in the slot game is fairly easy compared to other types of casino games. Furthermore, the players will not get bored in playing the SCR888 slot games due to there are more than 150 types of slot games available in the app.

SCR888 slot game is also the easiest channel for the players to win money from the app. If you still could not figure out the methods to win money in the SCR888 slot games, you shall pay attention to the following part of this article.

Utilize The Test ID Account To Test Out The Slot Game

This is the very first step if you are a beginner in the slot game. Always test out the slot games in the test ID account first since it will not impact on your capital. It is important to identify the slot game that you are confident to play in. Once you manage to find out the slot game that you are confident to play in, then practice more in the game to master the game-play and game rules. This will increase your winning odds in the game.

Start With Small Bet

Once you start playing in the slot game, always start with a small bet. Do not place a big bet in the initial stage as it will burn out your capital pretty fast if you lose in the game. Place the small bet to accumulate your bankroll patiently. Once you have a sufficient amount of bankroll, then only increase your bet in the game. This method will assure you to win money in the slot game safely.

Accumulate Free Credits To Bet Big

In SCR888 online casino, there are various types of free credits for the players to claim. These free credits will be useful for you to win money in the slot game. Once you get these free credits, accumulate them. Do not simply waste the free credits. You can use these free credits to bet big in the slot game. It will definitely increase your chance of hitting the jackpot.

Avoid Slot Game With The Progressive Jackpot

The slot game with the progressive jackpot may be very attractive for you since the winning payout is really massive.  However, you should also need to know that the chances of hitting the progressive jackpot are really low. In fact, you need to be really lucky to hit the progressive jackpot. Otherwise, you will be wasting your credits in the game. Hence, try to avoid to play in the slot game with the progressive jackpot unless you have a huge bankroll in your account.


Many players have made a fortune in the app by playing the slot game. Do not miss this opportunity of getting extra money for yourself. Download the SCR888 app and begin the winning journey now!





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