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dragon tiger

Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger is a casino game which is almost similar to casino war and baccarat. You will have two main options to bet on which is the Dragon or Tiger. After you placed your bet, just wait for the dealer to draw the cards. King is the highest then followed by Queen, Jack, 10 and all the way to Ace. If it’s a tie bet, the house will take half of your bet. Dragon tiger is very famous in the Cambodia casinos. It started off in Cambodia so that shouldn’t be a surprise.

This game is played with either 6 or 8 decks of cards. And one deck of cards has 52 cards. It is a faster version of baccarat and but the house has a higher advantage due to the half of the bet being taken by the house if there is a tie game. Do not mistake the Ace as a high card because it’s not. King is the highest card and Ace is the lowest card.