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918Kiss Casino: What is the benefit of 918Kiss?

 918Kiss casino

918Kiss is a trusted online casino that has its place as one of the leading internet-based casinos in the region. By implementing the latest innovations and technological advancements, 918Kiss delivers excellent online gaming entertainment within seconds to thousands of players on a daily basis, at any time and to wherever the player is located. Get the latest 918Kiss Download Link to download the best online casino now.

Extra Bonus Given

Thanks to the fact that online gambling is getting more and more competitive over the last few years, 918Kiss managed to attract a larger number of players by offering them a variety of bonuses. 918Kiss offer sign-up bonuses to new players, who may get additional 10% of their initial deposit in their accounts. 918Kiss also give away a welcome bonus to all new players who sign up with them. Welcome bonus represents a certain percentage of the initial deposit players have made in their accounts.

Convenient To Access

Players can access 918Kiss literally from everywhere. In addition, the user can benefit from better rules in comparison to the ones in physical casinos.

Besides, players can play all the games on their mobile devices any time as mobile gaming is also more convenient for users who don’t like to comply with certain rules or bans in physical casinos.

The pace at which mobile gaming market is growing is truly outstanding over the last few years. A total of 100 million won by players through mobile phones casino games back in 2007. The revenue generated in 2007 in the mobile gaming market totaled $3 billion and has been constantly growing ever since.

Game & Customers Security

918Kiss uses virtual decks of cards and slot reels, we implement RNG (Random Number Generators) as the primary tool ensuring that the deal of card or the spin of a slot is truly based on chance and not subject to outside interference. We do take security seriously by providing information about our RNG and employ independent companies to test and verify our RNG.

In addition, it offers the highest level of encryption services in order to protect player personal and financial details

When players sign up to 918Kiss, it provides great customer service where any issues will be received and rectified in a matter of minutes.

Games available in 918Kiss

Slot Game

918Kiss online slots are currently considered one of the most famous games and players can access this game through PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and other portable devices. Generally, many players prefer slot games, especially the beginners because easy playing mechanism compared to other games.

Still, slot machines are the only casino game where odds are unable to be measured, which means players do not have an idea of the way the game was designed and makes it difficult for taking an example of an actual game when preparing their game strategy.

The outcome of every bet depends on random numbers when playing the game’s reels. A number for each reel is randomly chosen by the game. The machine will map the number to a certain position and stops the reel in a certain place.

When it comes to slot games, players press the button and predetermine the outcome. The odds are all the same for every spin of a machine


Blackjack is the most preferred game in 918Kiss.

The objective of this game is to get more points than the dealer without surpassing 21. Player need to meet two conditions in order to win the game. First, the player needs to beat the dealer’s score, and second, should not bust (more than 21).

The core values of the individual cards make the value of the hand when gathered. A ‘blackjack’ is the highest hand, which consists of an ace and any other 10-point card (tens and face cards) and beats all other point-hands.

The dealer will distribute cards to players, the play starts with the player to the dealer’s left. There are several choices available to the player.
Stand is the first option available when the player stands pat with his cards.

Hit is when a player draws one or more other cards. If the value of these cards raises the total points of the player to more than 21 points, player lose.
Double is an option when the player doubles his bet and receives only one more card.

Split is a situation of a pair or any two 10-points cards, the player can decide to double their bet and split their cards into two separate hands. The dealer will give a second card to every one of the hands. The player has the options of betting, standing or doubling normally.
Player also has the choice to surrender. This is an option when the player loses half his bet, but keeps the other half.


Roulette is one of the easiest table games available in the online casino. However, roulette has one major difference compared to the rest of table games offered – the roulette chips have no value denomination printed on them.

Generally, chips are available in 6 to 8 sets with various colors. Each set consists of a total of 300 chips. When buying chips, each player will get their own colors. In addition, each chips’ value represents the buy-in divided by the number of chips received.

Besides the 3 games mentioned above, there are many other fun and interesting games available in 918Kiss for the player to explore and participate. Wait no more, let’s download 918Kiss here and get started!



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