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Winning At SCR888 Cherry Love Until You Wanna Thank Me

scr888 cherry love

SCR888 Cherry Love

Not a month goes by where there isn’t an indication of another slot game being launched and this time, SCR888 Online Casino has stood out as truly newsworthy with their most recent launch SCR888 Cherry Love.

On initial introductions, SCR888 Cherry Love slot game consolidates the affection for cherries with a Playboy and Hells Angel theme. We would envision that this slot game would interest the hot-blooded men around the world, because the attractive lady that enlarges on your reels, is wearing almost nothing.

The Wild here, in SCR888 Cherry Love, is the Lady. It can replace any other of the symbols, excepting the Scatter. In SCR888 Cherry Love, you will see it on reels 2, 3, and 4. The Wild will expand in combinations which are winning, and, too, in the free games. In fact, during these games, the Wild is always there, expanding. The Scatter, the Cherry, is important when you see two at least such symbols on the reels. The payout you will be awarded for the Scatter is fixed. So with more Scatters, the multiplier for the payout will be higher.

 scr888 cherry love

Understanding How SCR888 Cherry Love Works In Order To Win

In order to win at SCR888 Cherry Love, you must first understand how they work. The slots that are around today are not the same as the ones your grandfather used to play. They are, however, programmed to make you think that they are the same. Today’s slots are powered by microprocessors that use random number generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome of the spins. They use many tricks to take advantage of the uninformed.

For example, you may notice a game lines up more symbols on reels one and two but hardly complete the winning combination with reel three. This is all programmed on purpose to give you that “almost” feeling and to keep the suspense up. You may also notice that one of the reels is often one symbol away from completing that big payout combination. This is also purposely programmed into the game’s processor to show “near misses” from time to time.

scr888 cherry love

What Is A RNG?

RNG stands for random number generator. This is the mechanism inside the SCR888 Cherry Love computer that generates thousands of random numbers per second (in sets of 3 or 5 numbers, depending on the number of reels), and at the exact moment a player triggers a spin the RNG spits out a combination of numbers that then become the combination that the reels stop at. This means that the outcome of every spin is random.

For example, if a player leaves a game and a new player sits down and wins the jackpot, the previous player may feel bad about not staying for one last spin, but what we have to understand is that in order for the first player to have won that jackpot, he would have had to press the spin button at the very same second, exactly, to win that very same spin. If he would have pulled it one second later, the combination would have been entirely different.

scr888 cherry love

How To Become A Consistent SCR888 Cherry Love Winner

In order to be a more consistent winner at SCR888 Cherry Love, you must know how it works. You must also know that the odds of hitting a jackpot are slim. With these two simple pieces of knowledge in mind, you can narrow your machine selection down to a few preferred machines that will give you the best chance of winning. These simple winning tips can be the difference between winning most of the time and losing most of the time. Quitting while you are ahead is a very important tip too that few people take seriously. SCR888 Cherry Love is programmed to make money in the long haul, and if you play the same one long enough it WILL beat you. Good luck!

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